Grace Space – Trust Vs. Fear (Part VII)

Do you have a difficult time trusting people? It could be that  you’ve been shamed in the past and are reacting, becoming defensive, or struggling to control a situation to avoid more pain.  Learn how to trust the right people, how to prepare for conflict, and how to gain a healthy perspective when you look at life through the lens of grace. 

1. the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful
2. do honor or credit to someone or something by one’s presence
3. courteous goodwill or a willingness to be fair and honest

Questions to Think About:
1) Do you live under the veil of trust (trusting our words, trusting ourselves, trusting that we get to question things) or fear (fear of failure, fear of offending, fear of not getting it right)? 
2) How is your physical health? Is your fear manifesting itself through headaches, exhaustion, pain, etc.? How can you move from a Shame Space to a Grace Space?
3) Are you playing a game with someone who isn’t playing by the rules? Do you need to overturn the board? 

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