You Mean I Have Permission to Say That?!?

Are there some things that you want to say to certain people but you hold back? 
While you can’t say anything and everything you want, you can speak truth and you are allowed to defend yourself. 
Listen to Dr. Heather Penny as she explains when you should speak out, the importance of your trust level, and why it’s okay to not play by everyone’s rules.

Questions to Think About:
1) Are there certain relationships in your life that bring more confusion than peace? Do they require that you play by their rules all the time? What are some ways that you can respond and not react in these situations?
2) Think about the people closest to you or that you interact with the most. Are you placing some of them at a level 10 with your trust and time when they should be a 2? Are there some that are a 2 and you need to move past your fear and bring them up to an 8 to create trust, accountability, and increase curiosity in your life?

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