Grace Space Goals: Showing Grace in the New Year

We had a previous series called “Grace Space” that was incredibly well received and so we created this new episode: Grace Space Goals – Showing Grace in the New Year. Learn from Dr. Heather Penny how to incorporate Grace Space into your daily life and how it can improve communication both at work and at home. As we approach a year of contending with COVID-19, this topic is especially poignant as we discuss how to manage frustration, disappointment, and interacting with others – and ourselves – with grace.

Questions to Think About:

1) How can you bring Grace Space into your daily life? Do you need to do less and not more? How can you be fully present in the lives of your spouse, children, and those most important to you?
2) As a leader in your world  – whether it’s at work or as a parent – how can you communicate Grace Space to those around you? 
Staying curious is one way to grow in Grace Space. How can you tie these two principles together in your life for continued growth?

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