The Marriage Partnership Part I: Stronger Together

Join us on this new series titled, ” The Marriage Partnership.” 2020 caused us all to evaluate our families and marriages as we sheltered-in-place in close quarters. Without the buffer of going to work, leaving for school, or going out with friends, the little things – like leaving a cup in the sink and not putting it in the dishwasher – caused tensions to rise. 
Join Heather and Christina as they talk about the expectations we bring the marriage, why friendship needs to be cultivated, and hear how Heather met the love of her life!

Questions to Think About:

1) How has 2020 affected your marriage? Are there any tough conversations that you need to have?
2) How can you put friendship first in your marriage? What are activities that you can do together to build a bridge that joins you together?
3) What has marriage taught you about yourself?

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