The Marriage Partnership Part III: The Baggage We Bring Into It

Every family is unique and we don’t really realize the strengths and challenges in our upbringing until we get married. Maybe we weren’t taught how to have constructive communication during a conflict or perhaps a divorce or strained parental relationship created insecurities within ourselves. In this episode, learn how to break unhealthy patterns, how to help our partner address difficulties in their past, and ways to equip our children for healthy future relationships.

Questions to Think About:
1) What was your family like growing up? What did you learn from your parents’ relationship – both the positive things that you want to pattern and the things that you would like to do differently in yours? 
2) Have you effectively unpacked the “baggage” in your relationship? Discuss this with your partner. Is there an area that you both feel that needs to be addressed? 

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