Strengthening Your Identity with Sami Kaufman

Are you looking for strategies to stay grounded and be who you are? Well, have a listen this week as I sit down with my friend Sami and talk about strengthening your identity. Just like her husband Joe in our last episode, Sami shares her wisdom and perspective in a way that coaches me and makes me think differently. We also dive deep into the concepts found in my first book The Bracelet and my new book, The Life You’re Made For.  Sit back and take in Sami’s gentle wisdom about slowing down, eliminating striving, and staying grounded in who she is. This is a great episode for parents to listen to as well!

And don’t forget, you can pre-order my book, The Life You’re Made For right now. If you order before November 15th, you’ll have the chance to win free prizes from some great companies who are making the world a better place. Visit to learn more!

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