Crossroads with Dan Haakenson

What happens when you find yourself stuck at a crossroad? We’ve all been there (or will any some point) and we all handle it differently. Dan Haakenson and I sit down and talk about how we have handled our crossroads. So much of it depends on having the right people in your life. Do you have a counselor, a guide, someone who can pause with you and help figure out the next direction? Listen in as Dan and I lay out a better approach when you’re stuck at the crossroads in your life.

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Get to know Dan Haakenson:
With over 30 years of working with people from diverse backgrounds, Dan brings a genuine passion and understanding of people and how they function together in teams. As a leadership coach and trusted advisor, Dan engages conversations with careful listening and thought-provoking questions which lead to new levels of awareness and clarity that move clients forward.

The results are clear: organizational success, thriving teams, higher morale, greater productivity and improved communication. 

Dan holds Bachelor and Masters degrees, but more so considers himself an on-going learner as a student of people and life.

Are you stuck at a crossroad? Find the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to move forward with my book, The Life You’re Made For

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