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Grace Space

Creating Spaces We Want to Live and Lead In

No one is born a great leader. It takes time and experience and intentional work. Undoubtedly, the world is hungry for more leaders who will do the right thing, model a positive response to conflict, and choose the path of fairness and accountability.

Grace Space is about acknowledging the “spaces within and spaces between us” to give honor and offer courteous goodwill as we commit to being fair and honest. So, I offer seven practices around Grace Space that provide the tools we need to get there. As leaders, it’s about getting our hearts right so we can serve those we lead in ways that call out personal potential while also achieving high results.

“What quality differentiates the people who serve others from the ones who serve only themselves? It’s grace . . . Learn from Heather about the freedom that comes when you extend grace to others at home, at work, and in your community.”

Ken Blanchard

Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Simple Truths of Leadership

Empower Your Identity With 3C Living and Leading 

Increase Your Clarity

Being clear about what you truly
want through RESTorative rest.

Build Your Confidence

Building knowledge and shaping
beliefs around what you are
capable of becoming.

Engage Your Courage

Taking the necessary action to
go after what you truly want.

The Life You’re Made For by Heather Penny

The Life You’re Made For

Are you stuck in a rut that’s lasting much too long? Are you longing to discover the strength and insight needed to become who you were meant to be?  

It’s time to reset your life with a new way of thinking that motivates and inspires you toward self-discovery and helps to uncover your true beliefs.  Through practical application, research, and personal experience, Dr. Heather Penny offers ‘3C Living’ as a way to go after the life you want.  Learn how to increase your clarity, build your confidence and engage your courage.  The world is waiting for you to show up—in all your authentic glory—to offer the beauty, grace, and gifts that only you possess.

From just surviving to truly THRIVING!

We all want to live thriving lives, but oftentimes our desire to care for, lead, and serve others can cause us to slip into survival mode and lose pieces of who we truly are. Making the space to hear what we need keeps us connected to our true sense of self. And it strengthens our identity, reminding us of what we need for deep fulfillment. 3C Living and Leading creates a process to engage your heart and mind and engage new tools to slow down and practice listening not only to who you are, but to who you are choosing to become. This is what it means to live with more Clarity, Confidence, & Courage.

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The Life You’re Made For

Step into the life you were made for with practical strategies, personable teaching, and expert guidance. No matter where you find yourself in life or leadership, this course can help you get unstuck and thriving!

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