Coaching with Heather


Dr. Heather Penny believes that authentic leadership starts on the inside. Whether at home or in the office – we are all leaders. Her coaching style is directed for the whole person because what works in our professional worlds can also be applied in our personal lives. Transformations start internally so that powerful leadership can be practiced externally. 


Photograph of Heather Penny

Dr. Heather Penny

Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author

Heather created 3C Living to inspire people to use Clarity, Confidence, and Courage to reach their fullest potential. Her clients range from CEOs to stay-at-home moms. For more than a decade, she has taught that powerful leadership begins on the inside and is sustainable by following the framework of 3C Living. More than anything, Heather is motivated to help people find more joy and peace in their daily lives.

The Road to Transformation

I believe in the value of meeting my client where they’re at … not where I’m at. That begins with listening to them. I like longer-term coaching – a minimum commitment is 6 months, though most go for 9-12 months – because we’re creating a coaching relationship and that takes time. Research tells us that habits aren’t formed before a minimum of 30 days. No one is going to change their behavior in two hours or two weeks. Transformational living takes time. When a client works with me, they are committing to a process. I’m journeying with them on their road to transformation by empowering them to change their own lives in a sustainable manner.

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Coaching Philosophy


You have, or can find, the answers. We help you channel self-discovery and support your process of ‘next steps.’


In a co-active coaching relationship, the agenda comes from you, not the coach. We’re focused on getting the results you want, so you set the agenda.


The choices you make, no matter how trivial, support or detract from both your personal and professional life. We’ll help you discover new tools that support a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Co-active coaching is one of mutual responsibility; a partnership that meets your needs and fits your style of working and learning.

Help Me With My


Being clear about what you truly
want through RESTorative rest.


Building knowledge and shaping
beliefs around what you are
capable of becoming.


Taking the necessary action to
go after what you truly want.

“As a result of Heather’s coaching, I’m able to more readily recognize individual needs of my workers, as well as plan, shift, and reevaluate my expectations.”

“Heather’s process gave me honest feedback of where I stand as a leader, where I want to go and provided a path to achieve my goals.”

“Through coaching with Heather, I gained confidence, clarity, discernment, and learned to trust myself while conquering fear, insecurity and self-doubt.”

“Heather taught me how to identify my values, construct healthy boundaries, and strengthen my personal identity.”

“My experience during conversations with Heather and personal reflection really launched me into a new season, and helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward.”

Don’t spend another day
resigned to a mediocre life.