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Dr. Heather Penny believes that authentic leadership starts from within. Transformation starts internally so that powerful leadership can be practiced externally.  Heather is a highly sought after speaker for conferences, retreats, and corporate gatherings. 

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Hiring a Leadership Coach is an invaluable tool to help your company leaders manage their teams. While companies may not be able to hire a coach for every manager and then invest 3-6 months of one-on-one coaching, Heather brings the foundational concepts to her speaking events so the transformation can start immediately. Heather fuses proven research with practical insights for positive change.

Speaking Topics

Leadership Begins Within

Heather’s approach to coaching leaders and leadership teams is holistic. This means she focuses on the body, heart, mind, and spirit of the leader because if we don’t give attention to all the facets of ourselves, we aren’t living up to our leadership potential.

Live Your Own Life, Not Someone Else’s

The dream on your heart is uniquely yours. Learn how to identify your unique dream and practical steps for going after it using the 3C Living tools of Clarity, Confidence, Courage.

Anxiety and Depression in Kids and Teens

Mental illness in our kids and teens has become an epidemic. Heather will offer critical insights that are a must-hear for parents and educators. Topics include ways to address conditions without medicine and ways to improve test scores in low-performing schools. She will shine a light on some of the actual causes of depression that originate in places you never expected. 

Mental Health for the High Achiever

Heather offers tools for high-level leaders to stave off burn-out and keep the innovative ideas flowing. She’s used these techniques with hundreds of executives with remarkable success. She teaches using real-life examples and offers solutions that are surprisingly simple.

Guiding Children to be Responsible Leaders

The price of homes has skyrocketed, causing many parents to wonder if their college students will ever be homeowners. Do they even want to be? What are the risks of encouraging our young adults to follow their dream jobs vs. securing a job that will enable them to live an American dream that may be out of date.

How to Spiral Up, Not Down

If people can spiral down, then they can learn to spiral up. Using statistical and experiential research, Heather shares how we can live stronger, happier, more fulfilling lives.

Change Is Hard

One area that has brought many clients to seek Heather’s coaching is when a person is undergoing a work or family transition. Changing jobs or going through a divorce, having a surprise baby or reluctantly facing retirement: transitions create stress in even the healthiest person. Heather offers insight into enduring these movements with more clarity, confidence, and courage so we don’t let the fear of uncertainty rob our joy.

Grace Space

Many of Heather’s corporate clients seek her counsel on company communication and conflict. Grace Space is the term Heather uses to foster areas of grace using seven principles: Responding vs. Reacting; Questioning vs. Accusing; Receptivity vs. Defensiveness; Constructive Language vs. Destructive Language; Connection vs. Protection; Freedom vs. Control; and Trust vs. Fear. 

Move from Surviving to Thriving

Survival thinking creates a hunker-down mindset that is toxic to living the life you were made for. A thriver lives with intentionality. Learn the simple tools that will transform you into a thriver.

Rethinking American Education

Heather began her professional life as an educator and then moved to training teachers. After more than 20 years in the field, it was hard not to notice the cracks in the system. In this talk, Heather shares her experience and thoughts on ways to improve the status quo of American education including curriculum, discipline, and students today with the goal of forging a new and improved path forward.



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Photograph of Heather Penny

Dr. Heather Penny

Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author

Heather created 3C Living to inspire people to use Clarity, Confidence, and Courage to reach their fullest potential. Her clients range from CEOs to stay-at-home moms. For more than a decade, she has taught that powerful leadership begins on the inside and is sustainable by following the framework of 3C Living. More than anything, Heather is motivated to help people find more joy and peace in their daily lives.

“I recently had the pleasure of reading Dr. Heather Penny’s book, The Life You’re Made For, and bringing her in as the Opening Keynote Speaker for our annual retail conference. I can honestly say that reading her book and introducing her to our membership has been a life-changing experience. Heather’s words of wisdom and guidance provided our audience (and me) with the tools necessary to live the life that all of us are truly meant to live (and deserve living!)” 

Jennifer Morton, Director of Marketing and Sales, Association of Golf Merchandisers, Orlando, Florida