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Dr. Heather Penny is a leadership coach, trusted advisor, celebrated teacher, and engaging speaker and author. She encourages individuals to step into their best life as they recognize the unique strengths they have to offer. Heather draws out fresh ideas and actionable goals to focus on forward momentum.

She holds a Ph.D. in Human Services, with extensive global experience in consulting, as well as an M.A. in Educational Leadership. As a professional coach, Heather serves her clients by drawing out their natural strengths to engage purposefully in their lives and the relationships they value. She guides her clients into clarity, confidence, and courage through the coaching process and believes the world needs the gifts each person has to offer.

Partnering with her promotes creativity, passion, and growth as she is committed to creating a culture focused on longevity. The highlight for her is a life well lived. Heather enjoys living in Northern California with her husband and two children.


“Heather operates as a storyteller, cheerleader, and coach in The Life You’re Made For to creatively encourage her readers to break out of the ruts they’re stuck in and move toward a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life.” 

Dr. Lisa Smith, English Professor, Pepperdine University

The Life You’re Made For by Heather Penny

The Life You’re Made For

Are you struggling in the mire of life’s disappointments or stuck in a rut that’s lasting much too long? Are you looking to discover the strength and insight to excel in who you were meant to be?  

It’s time to reset your life with a new way of thinking that motivates and inspires you toward self-discovery and helps to uncover your true beliefs.  Through practical application, research, and personal experience, Dr. Heather Penny offers ‘3C Living’ as a way to go after the life you want.  Learn how to increase your clarity, build your confidence, and engage your courage.  To find a new way forward, we need new ideas.  And the world is waiting for you to show up—in all your authentic glory—to offer the beauty, grace, and gifts that only you possess.

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