Holding Tensions

One of the topics I write about in my book The Life You’re Made For is holding tensions. To be a good leader, it’s important to learn how to do this. Tensions come when two opposing forces are wrestling to get the upper hand. These situations can become uncomfortable, but tension isn’t something we should avoid just because it can get awkward. In fact, tension can be healthy if handled appropriately. The trick is in holding and wielding it courageously.

I want to share a common issue that comes up in many of my coaching calls with clients. The tension between asserting and accommodating. Do you have people in your office who annoy you? Do their work habits impact your ability to be productive? Have you been avoiding saying anything because you don’t want to make it a thing? Maybe this person can be prickly and it is easier to avoid than to address. If this sounds familiar, then this video is for you.

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