Three Steps to Confidence

If you’ve been reading my blogs for the past several weeks, you may feel like you’re becoming an expert on confidence–and that’s great! For those of you who struggle with a lack of confidence, these tips are for you!

This week I recorded a short video on how to build confidence in three easy steps. Now, I’m usually not a big fan of over-simplifying and putting complex ideas into a “do these 7 things” or “ten ways to make a million dollars,” but in this case, I’ve seen hundreds of my clients grow their confidence from knowing them. If you want a more in-depth explanation of these three ideas, check out my book, The Life You’re Made For.

I’m also happy to announce the release of The Life You’re Made For Coaching Companion.
This workbook will help you dive deeper into 3C Living and provides prompts for journaling, drawing, and contemplation.
Check it out[here]

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