The Crossroads of Play, Curiosity, and Grace

Seeing the title of today’s episode probably has you wondering “what is at that crossroads of play, curiosity, and grace? Those three words aren’t often lumped together. But my good friend, Jodi Davis and I dive in to this conversation feet first. Listen in to see how curiosity can act as a crucial connecting point between play and grace. Then throw in a whole lot of leadership insights and even interpersonal relationship advice, and you have all the ingredients for a great conversation!

Jodi Davis is a good friend of mine who recently offered me some incredible feedback on a couple of my podcast conversations with Laura Haver and Sharon McMahon. In addition, she wrote a wonderful endorsement for my upcoming book, Grace Space. 

Jodi has extensive experience in non-profit leadership and consulting and is a powerhouse of wisdom and grace! I can’t wait for you to meet her.

P.S. We talked about an Emotional Categories Chart that I use as a tool for Coaching, my family, my work, and for life in general. Click below to download that!
Emotional Categories PDF

Step into The Life You’re Made For, I’m cheering you on!
Music by Heather Penny and Andres Salomon
Produced by Cody Vermillion

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