So Last Year

It’s amazing how much we learn in a year, isn’t it? But we never really know unless we take time to look back. That’s why one of my favorite practices at the end of each year is to reflect on some pivotal themes that helped shape me into the person I am in the new year. March is almost over on this new year, but better late than never, right?

2021 was a year of learning how to let go of outdated ways of thinking and invite in new beliefs so I could step into adventures like launching a book to launching my kids into college. You’ll hear me talk about burning the ships, declaring my independence, and getting the right people in my life to help get me where I want to go. These are important thoughts that have carried me into 2022 and have prepared me for new goals and aspirations.  

So, this week’s podcast is just me sharing what I learned working with my own coach and sharing snippets from our conversations. I’d like to pull back the curtain and reveal my personal growth in the hopes there might be something that resonates with you. I’m grateful for this coaching relationship, and I’m grateful for you. I hope you are finding the guides you need along the way. 

Join me in this solo episode as I share from the heart.

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