Am I Falling Short?

Let’s be honest. The relationship we have with our supervisor isn’t always positive. Sometimes we feel we’re being overlooked or left out of important conversations. This is a common complaint I hear from clients and can be a source of major stress.

Instead of taking this stress and anxiety home with you, stewing on it, letting it interrupt your sleep, or allowing it to block your otherwise sunny mood, I’d like to offer this suggestion.

If you’re experiencing anxiety with your boss, your spouse, or even a new acquaintance, try this new approach and sit down with them. This requires that we have clarity about how we’re feeling, confidence in our true beliefs, and courage to have a conversation to discuss in a direct and unassuming way. I bet you’ll be surprised by the response you get.

Imagine if we took this approach with our family members, with neighbors, in our professions, on the political stage, at church . . . We might just make the world a little better.

Join me in incorporating 3C Living into your daily life in real, tangible ways like this. And if you’re so inclined, I’d love for you to tell me about it –  [email protected]

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