Snowballs & Confidence

This week we’ll continue looking at the second C in 3C Living – Confidence. I’m excited to introduce the idea of the Belief Snowball. What we believe tends to multiply over time, just like a rolling ball of snow. It gathers momentum as it grows and before we know it, it can be the world’s biggest snowman (positive)…or it can start an avalanche (negative). The same happens with our beliefs.

Imagine you accept a lie about yourself and as a result, you act a certain way. I was told by a coach when I was young that I was a terrible softball player. Kids are especially vulnerable to believing lies, especially when it comes from an adult. As a result of that coach’s words, I lost the hope that I had any athletic ability. The next year, another coach saw me throw a ball and commented that I had quite an arm on me, but I needed some guidance. He asked me if I was willing to learn. 

Sometimes when we believe a lie about ourselves – a False Belief – it can influence our actions. In this case, I’m so grateful to my younger self for being brave enough to agree to some additional coaching because I went on to be a pitcher for my school’s softball team and we won the state championship.

Many times our False Beliefs hold us back. You might be asking yourself, What do our beliefs have to do with Confidence?

It is our beliefs that determine our level of confidence.

In other words, what we believe will either grow or shrink our confidence. 

A False Belief will keep us stuck, will be harmful, and will disconnect us from our true selves. Conversely, a True Belief will move us forward, will help us connect to our true selves, and will bring us peace, freedom, joy, or love.

Let’s look at an example –

False Belief: I’ll never make money doing what I love.
True Belief: I get to trust that I can do what I love and money will follow.

Here’s another one that comes up a lot –

False Belief: If I need someone, I’m failing as a leader.
True Belief: Great leadership invites in trusted advisors.

You see the pattern here?

I hope it’s helpful to see the truths right after the lies. These lies can quickly snowball in our lives, so it’s important to see the true interpretations right after.

Exposure to the light helps melt the False Beliefs.

I’m cheering you on as you begin pulling up the weeds of False Beliefs that may have taken root so you can cultivate the healthy, beautiful plants of True Beliefs that will build your confidence. (I moved the metaphor away from snow and avalanches . . . I’m ready for summer!)

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