Finding Success Through Failure with Jim Harshaw

Let’s just come right out and say it… Failure sucks! But it can be so valuable to our success. My guest Jim Harshaw has learned how to find success through failure, and he’s teaching people how to do the same thing! I have had my fair share of failures in life. Listen in as Jim and I share about how we have learned from our own failures and the wisdom we’ve gleaned in the process. Plus we dive into setting vision and values as anchors for when failure inevitably come and as a picture of what success looks like.

Jim is a Performance Coach and the host of the Success Through Failure Podcast which I was recently a guest on.

You can find Jim and his work at

Step into The Life You’re Made For, I’m cheering you on!

Music by Heather Penny and Andres Salomon
Produced by Natalie Hanemann and Cody Vermillion

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