Leading with Vulnerability and Grace with Dr. John Harris

This week, my friend Dr. John Harris and I discuss the challenges and rewards that come from leading with vulnerability and grace. We all have habits and patterns that can affect how we live and lead. Dr. Harris shares his experiences seeking feedback and pivoting as a leader in his professional and personal life.


We also discuss the importance of running toward what you are seeking rather than constantly trying to outrun your weaknesses or bad habits. All of this hinges on grace for yourself and others!

Learn more about Dr. John Harris and his work at www.drjohnharris.com

Dr. John Harris has been coaching civilian and military leaders for the past 19 years. He especially enjoys  helping leaders close the gap between the dream in their hearts and the reality in front of them. 

Step into The Life You’re Made For, I’m cheering you on!
Music by Heather Penny and Andres Salomon
Produced by Cody Vermillion

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