Reaching for Grace in Hard Times with Mike Liguori

This week I have a deep and truly meaningful conversation with Mike Liguori about reaching for grace in hard times. Mike shares about his experience during and after serving our country in the armed forces. Whether you have served or not, Mike’s perspective will hit you like a breath of fresh air. Everyone will benefit form his insight on offering ourselves grace and love when facing unimaginable challenges.

This conversation is also meaningful to me because my husband, brother, father, and uncle all served in the military. So I’ve seen the unique challenges those who serve can face.  But I have to offer a trigger warning as Mike does discuss PTSD and Suicidal Ideation.

Mike is the Lead Architect of Live Your Truth Media where he empowers entrepreneurs to shape their narratives authentically through podcasting. 

You can find Mike on Instagram @mike.liguori and online at

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