Permission to Meet Your Needs with Vanessa Rodriguez

The permission to meet your needs starts with you. Sure, you might have a great boss or a supportive partner who encourages you to do something for yourself. But the permission to meet your needs has to first come from within. Vanessa Rodriguez and I dive deep into this conversation on this week’s show.

I met Vanessa at a conference where I spoke recently. She came up to me afterwards and I was so taken by her feedback and takeaways that I decided to invite her on the show! I am so excited because you’re about to get another real life example of how 3C Living and Leading can show up in someone’s life in a positive way. You’ll get to hear how Vanessa is applying the concepts in her personal life and as a leader with her team. Plus, Vanessa has a lot of wisdom of her own to share! 

Vanessa is a wife and mother and works as the Director of Social Work at Children’s Hope Foster Family Agency.

Step into The Life You’re Made For, I’m cheering you on!
Music by Heather Penny and Andres Salomon
Produced by Cody Vermillion

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