Crossroads – Part One

This week we’ll be looking at life at the Crossroads. The Crossroads are the spaces in our lives where we have a choice to make: do we stay where we are or do we move forward? Having clarity is essential to being able to decide our direction. When we’re well-grounded in clarity and confidence, it makes taking that first step a little easier. 

In this week’s podcast (see below), I’m talking to a good friend and colleague who spent some time at the Crossroads when he was deciding whether or not to make a career change. He’s someone who admits to being “risk-averse”—big changes can be especially difficult for those who crave predictability and stability. 

Another key component in making Crossroads decisions is having the courage to take the leap. We don’t know how our choices will turn out in the end. It’s undoubtedly a scary thing to be in a high-risk situation. But more times than not, you’ll look back on this time and think, I never imagined it could be this good! You realize the entire process had an unexpected outcome…you had fun along the way. 

So this week, dear reader, think about what might be holding you back from making that big decision. What would it take to grow your clarity on what you really want, increase your confidence to realize the dream is possible, and the courage to step into the unknown?

Maybe you’re not sure if the work you do in your current vocation is really finished. That’s a fair consideration. Many people feel as though they need to give it one last try to make it work; I support you doing this. If you didn’t try one last time, you’d always wonder. If you’re ready for the change, this last try will just solidify what you already know. 

It’s helpful to have trusted friends around you when you’re at the Crossroads.More than just your spouse, though that is an important person to lean on, it also helps to have a mentor and a friend or two who know you well and want what’s best for you. I even suggest getting a coach or a counselor who can help guide you through your inner work. Speaking to a professional allows you to pay attention to a thought or feeling that is pulling on you. When I sometimes feel a lingering pull, that tells me there’s an area in my life that needs some attention. We all need people who will sit with us and help us see new ways of looking at our life.

I hope you can join us for this week’s podcast where we talk more about Crossroads.

Click the image to link to the podcast audio and video.

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