Grace Space – Constructive Language vs. Destructive Language (Part IV)

Welcome to Part IV of Grace Space! Today Heather is talking about Constructive Language vs. Destructive Language. Grace is communicating constructively while shame is destructive. Learn how to communicate effectively so others hear constructive talk, how to promote healthy self-talk when negative noise tries to cloud our clarity, and how to start healing from the destructive voices from the past. 

Bonus Round: it’s November! Heather has some great tools for the holidays and creating boundaries when it’s time to gather with family. Don’t just endure life; celebrate it!

1. the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful
2. do honor or credit to someone or something by one’s presence
3. courteous goodwill or a willingness to be fair and honest

Questions to Think About:
1) How can you model constructive language to your kids and co-workers? 
2) Are there some destructive lies that cause negative self-talk in your mind? What are some truths that you can acknowledge to combat them?
3) What are three strategies that you should plan now to have a healthy holiday season?

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