Managing Grief During the Holidays

Grief can plague us for many reasons, even during the holidays. You may be mourning a loved one who is no longer with us, grieving for a time that has passed and you can’t get back, feeling sad over a lost relationship, losing a home and missing the holidays you thought you’d spend there, and more. Listen in as Heather shares ways to bring joy during this stressful season and how to adjust our thinking during COVID-19 to really appreciate the blessings around us.

Questions to Think About:
1) Do the holidays bring you feelings of grief or stress? If so, what are some ways that you can bring joy into your home?
2) Are you trying to fulfill someone else’s expectations of what the holiday should look like? If you could create the perfect Christmas Day, what would it look like?
3) What are some boundaries that you need to put into place to create a healthy outcome as you interact with friends and family?

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